We have the capability to prepare all types of ferrous and non ferrous materials as well as plastics for the coating process.

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Automated Parts Line

Our Automated Parts Line can handle anything from very small parts measuring a few inches up to 6 feet in length

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Equipment List

Check out this page for a full list of our state of the art equipment to meet all of your projects needs.

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Welcome to Premier Coatings East

INNOVATION: Premier Coatings East, LLC (PCE), specializes in CARC paint as well as industrial grade coatings (i.e. nuclear systems, manual applications). Our expertise, incorporated with the latest technology, has propelled PCE to the forefront of our field.

When selecting a paint company for military and industrial components, PCE exceeds the requirements. Our capacity for handling large parts on our batch side (Trucks/Capsules) to our fully-automated parts line (parts up to 4 ft. X 6 ft., 800 lbs.) has been evaluated and certified by some of the leading OEM’s in the military/industrial markets.

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